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Bespoke Chess, Checkers & Backgammon

Bespoke Chess Set - McLaren supercar paint

Purling London offers a luxurious range of bespoke chess sets, backgammon boards and checkers tables which can be created to reflect your company’s branding, home’s decoration or a theme close to your heart. Our illuminated ‘Dark Chess’, Backgammon and Checkers boards are hand-made in England and can be customised with archival quality art prints or photography; your corporation’s logo or a personal message and further unique details. The hand-carved, heavily-weighted playing pieces can be gloss lacquered in complementing colours or hand-painted by our exclusive Art Chess artists. Celebrate a landmark, memory or your brand with a Purling London Bespoke Chess, Backgammon and Checkers set!

Recent projects and designs have included the following:





We would be delighted to produce a bespoke backgammon, chess or checkers set for you. Please enquire using our contact form below.

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