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Daniela Raytchev


Daniela Raytchev offers a rare subjective expression and perception of the world through her figurative and abstract drawings. Much of her works are visual interpretations of the physiological and physical effects of addictions and abuse. Raytchev has a wealth of artistic experience and techniques including painting, textiles and sculpture. She studied at the prestigious Central St. Martins and London College of Fashion.

The chess set names ‘Addictions’ is about the inner conflict between the negative destructive self and the toxic crutches we may hold on to as a result of fear and anxiety (Black pieces) against the self which is loving, positive and nurturing (White pieces).

Each tall black piece illustrates different addiction, ranging from alcohol, drugs, food to shopping, relationships and others. Guarded by spiked pawns that create a wall, uncomfortable barrier from the other world that can be seen. If we remove those, as illustrated on white tall pieces by delicate paintings of everyday objects and sceneries we encounter, we can notice all the little things that make our lives happier and richer.

Both kings are the same, white with spikes, a metaphor to express that people are primarily good, addiction is just an illness they may suffer, that may influence their actions but doesn’t make them bad. You can only win by accepting yourself as a whole.”

In collaboration with Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill.

The Waiting Game by Daniela Raytchev
Daniela Raytchev at Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill
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