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Darren MacPherson


Darren MacPherson produces vibrant figurative works which offer subtle complexity surrounding the human condition. Working in acrylic, spray paint, oil, and crayon, he creates works which demonstrate strong influences from traditional Indian art, Japan Manga, tattoo motifs, Expressionism, and urban architecture.

I wanted to treat each piece uniquely and as a work of art in its own right. Translating my work down to such a small scale was a particular challenge but I focused on my usual painting process and let it lead the way until I was satisfied with the finished product. The layering of the lacquer was the final stage of the painting process and I dedicated a significant amount of time to create the kind of hard shine and depth that I had envisioned.

Darren MacPherson Instagram

Darren MacPherson chess pieces
Darren MacPherson "Truth 2" mixed media
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