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David Booth

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David Booth MRBS (Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors) is British based painter and sculptor. His work takes inspiration from the repetition of patterns and variation of forms found in organic structures. He works very much intuitively and uses a process of disrupting, destroying and constructing to create his unique works.

I aimed to create an elegant chess set through taking inspiration from my ‘Instinct Series’ of paintings. This strategy enabled me to build layers on each piece as I became familiar with its surface. I enjoy the new challenges that collaborations bring and how they can inform my wider work. The diversity of working as both a painter and sculptor feeds my creativity and ensures that I am able to constantly test myself.

David Booth chess pieces in progress
David Booth “Punched 3611 times, Folded multiple times, Finally stood up.” (foam-backed vinyl flooring, steel tube)
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