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Nette Robinson

St Basil's Cathedral chess set

Nette Robinson is a chess player, professional jazz singer and artist. Modernist movements such as Constructivism, Futurism and De Stijl have been hugely influential throughout her artistic development. She is drawn to works with clean lines, geometric shapes and strong tonal and colour contrasts. This is evident in many of her works, including her unique paintings depicting famous master chess games that were exhibited at her solo show 2014 in Mayfair. She studied Fine Art with Music at Chichester, graduating in 2002, and from this time has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions.

Russia, and in particular, Russian architecture, provided the inspiration for my second set. Arguably, the most iconic building in Russia is the beautiful and fantastical St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow. This wonderful and colourful building represents the Black pieces. The White pieces for my chess set are based on another stunning piece of architecture to be found in Moscow,  the exquisite white and gold-domed cathedral, Christ the Saviour.

Nette Robinson "The Sacrifice & the Pin"
Netter Robinson Chess pieces in progress
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