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+ Andrew Hancock X Purling London Art Chess “Temple IV: Diamond Dust Dimension – Space Temple Fantasy” +


  • 34 hand-carved, triple-weighted, modified, boxwood chess pieces
  • Professionally lacquered, assembled and hand finished in London, England
  • Individually and uniquely hand-painted and crafted by Andrew Hancock, one of Purling London’s specially commissioned, British-based contemporary artists
  • King height 10.2cm (4″), weight 75g (approx. 2.65 oz)
  • Purling London branded leather felts
  • Hand-painted board finished with deep gloss lacquer
  • Luxury Purling London packaging
  • Unique certificate personally signed by the artist or signed chessboard
  • Complimentary express global shipping


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Poem for Chess Temple IV’

Squared-to the Apollonian oeuvre; every symbolic stone is a cypher to the Ultimate,
Confronting the Altars of White and Black, hearing you the Voices of Inside Beyond Unseen.
Temple. Oracle.
Fantastically given to riddles, showing truth through visions moves ahead of time.
And deception, the Voice of this Mistress strikes obliquely now?
Them what dwell in the diamond, dust of ether play.
Masters of the Universe or die.

“For Purling London and the World Chess Hall of Fame I wanted to create something that was new to me. As with all of my artworks I approach them as a unique interaction with the structure of the concept in competition with thematerial manifestation of my expression.

The board came first and I was determined to use real diamond dust which I sourced from diamond-cutters in London’s Hatton Garden. This did cause some problems. One shouldn’t complain about an overabundance of diamond dust in one’s life, but the delicate and carefully sprinkling of the shining particles across the board’s surface did lead to ‘finger cramps’, so, be warned anyone attempting some similar endeavour! 

When I approached the concept for the chess set and the figures I drew upon my longstanding idea of investigating tangential ideas of ‘Temples’ or sacred spaces within my own idiom in the milieu of contemporary art. It occurred to me to conceive of the dimensions of the chess game, the board and the hierarchy of the chess pieces that there are certain mathematical and social hierarchies contained within the plane of play that may be universal and which could be theoretically drawn upon. And so I created a miniature world with figures inhabiting a parallel ‘sacred’ deep-space grove or other dimensional plane of sorts.

Each piece of this set is built from elemental materials in a Black and White hieroglyphic language. My motivations for its construction came when contemplating black materials and white material sources. I used the darkest, flattest, most matt black acrylic paint in the world ‘Black 2.0’, a new creation made by Stuart Semple’s art laboratory and its counterpoint, ‘Saint’, a titanium white acrylic. Incorporating real diamond dust and high-grade printers ‘diamond dust’ made of shards of glass in both clear and black for the two sets, I also used modelling clays and plaster and moulded reliefs from household objects and sea sponge to create the idiosyncratic, surreal, fantastical, absurd fractal elements, giving the individual pieces each their unique characterisation.

The ‘Temple’ is built in another dimension. Where players, immersed in a temple of crystals and interstellar tides, conquer a world of mysteries, of minds that pulse and move ecstatically enshrined in magical asymmetry. Amongst these avenues of laser-death, levitation, extra sensory sight and chaos, players, priests, rooks and royalty waltz and attack in harmony with the musica universalis. In a zone where all is dedicated to a new Check Mate! To determine Who will be the master for the Universe?”

Artist, Andrew Hancock

Learn more about Andrew Hancock and how to commission a bespoke game HERE.

Purling London Art Chess sets are individually hand painted by specially commissioned British and international artists and no two sets are the same. From established figures to rising stars of the Contemporary Art scene, Purling has collaborated with 30 artists to date, including Sophie Matisse, Inkie and Thierry Noir. Complete with a numbered certificate signed by the artist and our deluxe, Birds-eye maple boards; each hand-carved, triple-weighted Art Chess is a miniature sculptural masterpiece.

“When I look at our Art Chess sets, I see a contemporary painting over a three dimensional surface. I want to explore the pieces from every angle, look around them and hold them. As I play Art Chess I see a moving and evolving painting, with opposing colours and sides mixing and integrating. The game of chess is a creative art form in itself and for me, it is perfect to play it with a unique and beautiful set. ”

Simon Purkis, Founder, Purling London


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