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ENQUIRE: Art Chess Ornament – Stars & Stripes King #2 by Nette Robinson


  • Hand-carved, triple-weighted, boxwood chess king, 17cm
  • Uniquely hand-painted by contemporary artist Nette Robinson
  • Finished with a deep gloss lacquer and a Purling London branded leather felt
  • Unique certificate personally signed by the artist



Purling London Art Chess Ornaments are individually hand painted by specially commissioned British and international artists.  Our Chess King sculpture is 17cm in height (6.7 inches) and is hand-carved from boxwood.  Each unique piece is lacquered for a lustrous finish and adorned with a Purling London leather felt.

This striking Stars and Stripes-inspired ornament was designed and hand-painted by artist, Nette Robinson. It has been meticulously painted to represent the American flag wrapped around the Chess King. It can be purchased together with a matching King with the stars and stripes design reversed (available separately).

An undeniably eye-catching piece of art, this head-turning sculpture is the perfect gift to celebrate one’s proud American roots.

NETTE ROBINSON is a chess player, professional jazz singer and artist. Modernist movements such as Constructivism, Futurism and De Stijl have been hugely influential throughout her artistic development. She is drawn to works with clean lines, geometric shapes and strong tonal and colour contrasts. This is evident in many of her works, including her unique paintings depicting famous master chess games that were exhibited at her solo show 2014 in Mayfair. She studied Fine Art with Music at Chichester, graduating in 2002, and from this time has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions.

UK specific product. Please use for international purchases

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Blue, Gold, Metallic, Red, White


Dispatched from London via UPS / DHL / Express courier within 1 business day.
USD price includes importation tax to USA.
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There are no importation taxes to UK and EU countries.
Other than the above, prices do not include importation taxes where applicable.

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