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Cléon Daniel “Banana Pool Coffee Table”


  • Hand-made in England by master craftsman Cléon Daniel
  • Dimensions: approx. (L) 150 x (W) 100 x (H) 40 m
  • Weight approx. 20kg
  • Solid oak frame and rails
  • Pure wool yellow billiard cloth
  • 10 x Aramith 38mm pool balls standard set of Aramith spots v stripes pool balls
  • 4 x scoring pockets
  • Includes 2 x pool cues, triangle and cue chalk
  • Made to order. 8-10 week lead time
  • Global shipping by quotation (paid separately)


Bespoke: We can build any shape and size of pool coffee table you desire. For example in the form of a guitar, beer bottle, your country or company brand – please enquire via our contact form.





Cléon Daniel “Banana Pool Coffee Table”

Cléon Daniel a master craftsman creating exquisite and original furniture and pool tables. One of his latest creations is the Banana Pool Coffee Table.  It is  just one of his quirky and stylish hand-crafted works.

This fun piece functions both as an entertaining billiard game as well as an unusual piece of furniture to sit proudly in your front room or lobby!  The Banana Pool Coffee Table comes complete with a perfectly shaped, translucent perspex top to place over your pool table playing area.  This will ensure that the beautiful, vibrant yellow pure wool billiard cloth and any of the bold and colourful Aramith spots v stripes pool balls on the table, can still be admired.

The extraordinary Banana Pool Coffee Table is sure to bring a smile to any room and be a great talking point!

About  Cléon Daniel:

Celebrated British designer Cléon Daniel is best known for his intriguing and inventive series of  “unventions”, such as his “Corner Ladder”. He is also known for his exquisite and stylish pool tables, including his “Banana Pool Table” and “Doughnut Pool Table”.  As well as being witty, delectable and superbly hand-crafted pieces, they are also functional and indeed, give an added layer of complexity to the game of pool.

Daniel’s work has attracted attention here in the UK as well as across the globe. He has been on the BBC’s, The One Show, and has been featured in journals and across the national and international press, such as GQ Magazine, The Telegraph, ICON Magazine and ES Magazine, Evening Standard.  Cléon has had work selected for the UK’s Threadneedle national art prize.


Product pricing in £ available for UK delivery addresses only. Please use ‘Shop $’ (on the menu at the top of the screen) for global delivery

Bespoke: We can build any shape and size of pool coffee table you desire. For example in the form of a guitar, beer bottle, your country or company brand. If you are interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Form.  Simon or one of the Purling London team will be very happy to talk with you and to discuss further your ideas and visions.

Additional information


Neutral, White, Yellow


Dispatched from Wiltshire, England via specialist courier.

Shipping by quotation – paid separately upon completion of order (Please note that shipping is not ‘free’ as per the Checkout).

There are no importation taxes to UK and EU countries. Other than the above, Pool table prices do not include importation taxes where applicable.

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