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  • Exquisite, one-off chess artwork, incorporating hand-made glass cabinet, hand-built wooden frame and illuminated chess board
  • Integrated smoke machine fills the chamber with a harmless white fog simulating a chemical attack
  • Personal gas masks and rubber gloves included to intensify the unforgettable experience
  • Hand-made in England
  • Overall dimensions (HxWxD): approx. 200 x 70 x 70cm (approx. 79 x 28 x 28″)
  • 34 hand-carved, triple-weighted, gloss-lacquered Shadow Black v bespoke Metallic Gold boxwood chess pieces
  • King height 10.2cm (4″), weight 75g (approx. 2.65 oz)
  • Purling London branded leather felts
  • Fine art shipping cases included
  • Unique certificate personally signed by the artist
  • Shipping by quotation

£30,000 £20,000



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Purling London Couture Chess aspires to be the ultimate expression of chess and art. They are ambitious one-off works by international contemporary artists which combine Purling London’s professional grade, 34 piece, triple weighted chess set with vital and thought provoking messaging; and a truly unforgettable game experience.

 “I wanted to create a chess set that reflects the on-going battle over scarce resources such as gold and oil. The chess pieces are painted to reflect these commodities. The added feature of pressing a button to eliminate your enemy, by setting off smoke over the board, is a representation of a chemical attack; a real and present danger in modern warfare. Gas masks are supplied for both players, to bring an added sense of realism and fuller effect of the danger. The button is to act as a dirty tactic. Either player, at any time during the game, can set off the dirty bomb as a sign of weakness and evil; if they so choose. What would it take for the player to decide the only way out is to completely extinguish the enemy with a chemical attack? This technically makes him a winner, but leaves him as a moral loser.”

(T Raymonzrek)

Raymonzrek’s motivation for creating this artwork is to raise awareness of the dangers of advanced military technology and modern warfare in the wake of ever more scarce and valuable resources in our 21st Century.

“As competition for these finite commodities gets stronger, the potential use of dirty tactics such as chemical attacks are more likely to happen. This threatens our world peace, and deserves attention.”

(T. Raymonzrek)

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Black, Metallic, White

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