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Purling London Games & Gifts

Turn Token – Hot Pink & Royal Blue


  • Set of 2 x Hot Pink ‘Turn Tokens’ fidget toys / board game turn indicators
  • Ceramic poker chip material with a matt finish
  • Each token is 43mm diameter and 3mm depth with ‘Light to play’ and ‘Dark to play’ sides
  • Purling London logo and colour splash graphic on both faces
  • FREE shipping via mail





The Purling London ‘Turn Token’ is a ceramic coin that can be used as a board game turn indicator and fidget toy.  Use your Purling London Turn Token in the following ways:

Turn indicator – play chess, backgammon or checkers over several days. Make your move and turn the token. Await your opponent to repeat the motion

Heads or tails – decisions, decisions…

Fidget toy – spin, flick, twiddle and jiggle (and try to do some work too)

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Share the fun, Turn Tokens are a perfect distraction!

This product includes 1x Hot Pink Turn Token & 1x Royal Blue Turn Token.  Also available as 2x Hot Pink or 2x Royal Blue Turn Tokens .

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